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Where is Goddess

GoddessOnline is based in the rural location of Moree, NSW.


If standard delivery is selected, then expect within two-three weeks of your order confirmation if in Australia. Larger parcels may take longer due to freight regulations. Your order requires a valid email address to ensure we can communicate with you. We will do our best to dispatch within 10 days, however during busy periods (especially the festive season) be sure to order early to avoid the disappointment of late delivery.

It is strongly recommended that you select registered or courier delivery methods. GoddessOnline does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen goods if you have not registered or selected courier delivery methods.

Are my membership details made available to anyone else?

No. 100% privacy is guaranteed. We never provide your details to any of our Merchants or anyone else, unless you choose to give us permission. However, we’re not responsible for your privacy when you’re browsing Third Party Sites accessed through this website. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Does it cost to join goddessonline?

No. It’s 100% free and with valuable offers for members.

Is it worth joining?

Definitely. Not only is it free but it also gives you the chance to win prizes and gain member discounts on purchases, based on your ongoing use of the website. Plus you’ve the option of receiving newsletters containing upcoming discounts

Can I order a gift certificate?

Yes you can. And your certificate will be delivered by email to your receipt for the dollar value that you have purchased. Goddess does not charge for this service and its a great way to ensure the colour/fit/fabric is right for your intended recipient.

How can I search for an item?

Type your keyword(s) into the search field and click search. Based on the keyword(s) you enter, you will be directed to the most relevant categories on the site. In the column at the far left of the page you'll see links to other categories that may include what you're searching for.

If no shopping results are found for your search, or if you do not see what you're looking for in the search results provided, try changing your search:

  • Check your spelling or try a different spelling
  • Consider a less specific search and use fewer keywords
  • Try searching with different keywords or synonyms

Tips: check the main menu for categories, for example if you are looking for makeup bases, start in "makeup" and follow the tree to the different brands and their descriptions.

Brand Choice

Goddess is about quality products at a reasonable price. This means that selection of products is based on their formulation, the amount of active ingredients, the way of manufacturer and the usability for the purchaser. Not all products will make the grade, as Goddess is extremely particular about her choices.

If you would like to nominate a product range, send an email via the contact us button and we will look into your enquiry.

Goddess Clothing

Goddess clothing is deliberately selected for its quality, style and wear-ability. We have more choices coming and we have not forgotten that the average Australian women is a size 16 – keep checking for some of our fantastic brands who are currently preparing themselves for export to Goddess.

If you would like to nominate a product range, send an email via the contact us button and we will look into your enquiry.

Goddess Promotions

To gain the discounts associated with GoddessOnline promotions you need to enter your promotion code at the checkout when promoted.

Depending on the type of promotion the discount may apply to either a single product, range or to your entire shopping basket.

The promotions are often limited by date as well as location; they will be tied to your delivery address and valid for the region that they are advertised in. Regional promotions will differ as to what products your discount will apply to.

Promotional codes as a rule will not be additive to GoddessOnline products that are already discounted, for example Goddess Packages are designed to give you great value every day on every day products.

As per our normal billing procedures you need to log in so Goddess has the correct address and valid email (this is where we send you tracking advice, and invoices and order information), your order cannot be processed without this information, so please ensure that it is correct.